• Do I need to have a piano to start piano lessons?

You do not need to purchase an acoustic piano (the big wooden ones) in order to start lessons. However, you do need at least a keyboard so that you have an instrument available to practice on. Parents/Students who intend to buy one can start without one so long as they intend to purchase within the first 30 days of their lesson start date.

  • What kind of keyboard should I buy?

Ideally, when purchasing a keyboard, you want to look for one that is "WEIGHTED." This simply means that they keys are heavier, similar to that of an acoustic piano. However, if you're on a budget, a regular ole Keyboard should work. Bear in mind however, that after about a year or so, your student will need to practice on weighted keys in order to truly develop strength dexterity in their fingers.

  • Are you willing to travel to your students?

Unfortunately I am at capacity for in-home lessons. My home studio is currently located in College Park, GA (30349). All new students would be required to travel to my home studio for scheduled lessons.

  • Do your students participate in recitals? If so, how often are they?

Participating in recitals or other performances is important to the study of piano. Therefore, yes, every student will participate in recitals. Currently recitals are set for the Spring season, usually coinciding with the end of the school year. Students begin preparations roughly 2 months in advance and parents will be given an exact, date, time and location at least one month prior to the event. Participation in recitals is free for students, parents, and friends as far as space will allow.

  • Which books should I get?

NONE. In order to guarantee learning that is tailored to your child's needs, I decide which books to purchase. I also receive a special teacher's discount so it is cheaper for you if I purchase the books. Your first set of books are covered in the on-time registration fee that you pay when first signing your child up for lessons. After that, new books cost $5 each. Lost or stolen books can be replaced for $10 each. You can pay in cash during the lesson or through your parent portal.

  • Can I use books I already have?

If your child is restarting lessons and already has books, I will evaluate them over the course of the first few lessons to determine if that book is appropriate for your child. If it is, then we will certainly proceed with those books. If not, then you will have to purchase books from me.

  • What happens if I need to cancel a lesson?

Lessons may be cancelled at any time through this portal. Lessons cancelled with at least 24hrs notice will automatically receive a makeup credit that must be used within 30 days of the missed lesson. Simply log in to your parent/student portal, click on your scheduled lesson, and select cancel. Then click on one of the open lesson slots to schedule your makeup. LESSONS MUST BE CANCELLED WITHIN 24 HOURS in order to receive the makeup credit. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you schedule a makeup lesson without a makeup credit, you will be charged for the lesson. Each student is limited to 1 makeup lesson/month in order to encourage consistency. After that 1 makeup credit is issued, further cancellations with be at your expense. Make up lessons MUST BE AVAILABLE ON THE CALENDAR in order for you to schedule them.

  • What happens if you cancel a lesson?

If for any reason, I cancel a lesson, you will automatically receive a makeup credit. Makeup credits expire 30 days after the missed lesson. There is no limit to the amount of makeup lessons you can receive if I cancel a lesson.